What is it good for?

excel2maxima is a simple application, which converts matrices, stored in Microsoft(R) Excel(tm) files into a form, which can be read by Maxima, a popular CAS (Computer Algebra System).

How to use it?

How to use excel2maxima

In order to convert an Excel file into a Maxima matrix, you have to enter following command at the command line:
java -jar excel2maxima-0.0.6.jar <Excel file name> [> <Output file name>]
Excel file name is a mandatory parameter and specifies, where to read the matrix from. Output file name is optional, if it is not entered, the Maxima matrix is not written to a file, but displayed on the screen.


In order to print the contents of the file <data/example.excel2maxima.xls>, type following command
java -jar excel2maxima-0.0.6.jar data/example.excel2maxima.xls
In order to save the resulting Maxima matrix in a file, use this command:
java -jar excel2maxima-0.0.6.jar data/example.excel2maxima.xls > data/example.maxima
Here you'll find both files mentioned in this section: example.excel2maxima.xls and example.maxima.

How to get it?

excel2maxima is part of Demetrix (starting with demetrix-0.0.6). Instructions about downloading demetrix can be found here.